B.Sc. (Hons.) AgricultureB.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture
B.Sc. (Hons.) AgricultureB.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture

About The School

The School of Smart Agriculture (SOSA) is one of its kinds in the country where the students are imparted skills both in classical agriculture besides the subjects of futuristic agriculture. The students are prepared to be the next generation of agri-professionals, agri-preuners and those who would shape the future of agriculture and allied sciences. Big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, as applied to agricultural sciences are some of the core subjects. Students are appraised about the usages of agriculture drones and robots. The students are exposed to internship with some of the big players of agriculture and smart agriculture in particular. Therefore, the students will learn the intricacies of the subject making them industry ready at the end of the course.

The world is now facing severe challenges related to global climate changes, thereby leading to variations in overall food security which is truer for the tropical countries. This is further exacerbated with degradation of natural resources which were earlier taken for granted. Therefore, with these challenges and several more is leading to rethinking of how agriculture and allied activities need to be reformulated to end the global hunger and calorie imbalance.

Agriculture is being considered as a priority sector by the United Nations and also by Governments across the globe. Subsistence agriculture is thing of the past and now with the increase numbers of Farmers Producer Organization and One District One Product scheme of the Government requires the understanding of smart/precision agriculture and the tools associated with it. The data base of agriculture and allied operations are quite limited and their reliability is also many times questionable. Therefore, use sensor in data collection, cloud computing, use of artificial intelligence and machine learning based prediction of inputs required and the output expected are need of the day. Simulation of data and the expected output based on the vagaries of the nature are also the need of the day to identify the best crops and the varieties of the crops is also being carried out to provide the much needed support to the agrarian communities.

The three pillars (academics, research and community service/agriculture extension) are given equal importance alongside gender equality. The School provides a unique blend of academics, research and community service so that they complement each other for the holistic development of the sector.

The students are encouraged to be problem solvers so that they serve as a bridge between the researchers and the end users.

All the members of the School stand true to the motto “Improving Agriculture, Improving Lives”


The School envisages to be the forerunner of teaching, research and community development in tropical agriculture and allied sciences. The aims in developing an unique convergence ofthe traditional and precision agriculture by producing highly skilled, industry and research ready quality human power to fulfill the needs and aspirations of the society especially under the climate change scenario.


Agriculture and allied sciences rest on three pillars and each pillar have their own mission statements.

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  • Unique curriculum
  • Industry linkages leading to placements
  • Several internships to choose from
  • Collaboration with Globally renowned academic institutions
  • Student exchange with Universities both within and abroad
  • Several elective subjects to choose from
  • Students own plot “Earn while you learn”
  • Practice what you learn and learn what you practice.

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Prof (Dr) Sandip Banerjee

Prof (Dr) Sandip Banerjee

Associate Dean of School Smart Agriculture

The School is being headed by Prof (Dr) Sandip Banerjee, who is an internationally renowned academician in the field of agriculture and allied sciences. He is very well connected and respected with the professionals of agri industry. Prof Banerjee was instrumental in initiating vocational education in the state of Sikkim and under his guidance the first organic certification program was started in the state of Sikkim. Contract farming started in the state of Sikkim under his leadership. Thereafter, he served with College of Agriculture, Hawassa University, Ethiopia and was the principal and co investigator for several research projects with scientists from USAID, NORAD, ILRI, FAO to name a few. He has advised several students for their MSc and PhD research and has authored more than hundred research publications. Prof Banerjee is very popular among the students and also shares his experiences and teaches different courses for undergraduate and graduate students across several countries and enrolled in Agriculture allied sciences. Prof Banerjee is an alumni of GovindBallabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Bidhan Chandra KrishiViswavidyalaya and Wageningen UR ( The Netherlands).

Academic Advisory

The School has a strong team of academic advisors from Indian Council of Agriculture Research and also from University of Greenwich (United Kingdom).

Our Faculty


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