• Agriculture and allied sciences rest on three pillars and each pillar have their own mission statements.

Academic Mission:

  • To develop the curriculum based on the needs and aspirations of the potential employers.
  • The impart problem solving skills in agriculture and allied sciences based on the real world scenario and also collate the theory and experimental learning
  • To integrate professional, interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial apptitude among the students following the ethical and societal values.
  • To collaborate with internationally renowned educational institutions for imparting knowledge on state of the art technologies in agriculture and allied sciences.

Research Mission:

  • Develop agronomic and horticultural crops aimed towards climate resilient agriculture following precision agricultural technologies
  • To develop appropriate agrarian technologies thus improving the livelihood of the community at large and agrarian society in particular.
  • Blending of plant and animal science research through coupling of traditional technologies and precision agriculture.
  • To develop gender friendly technologies to improve the nutritional security of the society.
  • Conduct joint research with different agro input industries and develop new agro input products.

Extension and outreach Mission:

  • To create community based agriculture extension services so as to have an holistic development of the society.
  • To strengthen “lab to land” program for disseminating the need based capacity building trainings and share the research results among the society.
  • To conduct collaborative agricultural research with non government organizations aimed at community and gender upliftment.